this living air (2015)
    I - for scraps of mana
    II - mandrake
    III - This light that pours
    IV - it is not the mold

Eunmi Ko, piano. McCormick Percussion Group, Robert McCormick conducting.

if I knew (2014)
      three settings of poems by Yannis Ritsos

Jamie Jordan, soprano; Emi Ferguson, flute; John Liberatore, piano

Green grows the holly (2014)
text from Green grows the holly by King Henry VIII

Jamie Jordan, soprano; Eastman Sinfonietta

Line Drawings, no. 1 (2016)

Eunmi Ko, piano

Movements: (2014)
    I - port de bras

Strings and Hammers ensemble

She rose, and let me in (2013)
Variations and Fugue on a Scottish Folk Song, after F. J. Haydn

Daniel Pesca, piano

Agnus Dei (2015)

The New York Virtuoso Singers, Harold Rosenbaum conducting.
Featuring the Canticum Novum Youth Choir, Edie Rosenbaum, director.

Housefly (2008)
after Arthur Ganson

Symeon Waseen, Marcus Macauley, pianos.

while I sleep (2011)

Tema Watstein, violin. Derek Mosloff, viola.